/brɪk / (say brik)

1. a block of clay, usually rectangular, hardened by drying in the sun or burning in a kiln, and used for building, paving, etc.
2. such blocks collectively.
3. the material.
4. any similar block, especially a small one of painted wood, used as a child's toy.
5. Obsolete Colloquial a loaf of bread shaped like a brick.
a. Obsolete Colloquial the sum of £10 (from the colour of the £10 note).
b. Colloquial the sum of ten dollars: can you lend me a brick?
7. Music Colloquial an amplifier.
8. Prison Colloquial a prison sentence of ten years' duration.
verb (t)
9. Colloquial to falsify evidence against (someone) to substantiate a criminal charge.
10. constructed of brick: a brick barbecue.
11. (of a residential area) made up of brick or brick veneer homes.
12. a brick (or a few bricks) short (of a load), Colloquial simple-minded.
13. be a brick, Colloquial to be a person deserving of special thanks or approbation.
14. brick up, to lay, line, wall, build, or shut up with brick.
15. built like a brick, Colloquial (of a person) well-built; stocky.
16. drop a brick, Colloquial to make a social blunder or solecism.
17. like a ton of bricks, Colloquial heavily: *both had a way of coming down on sinners like a ton of bricks. –phillip adams, 1975.
18. off one's brick, Colloquial extremely angry.
{15th century bryke, from Middle Dutch bricke}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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